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More U.S. Made Jeep Wranglers as Toledo Plant Increases Production to Meet Demand

Any time Chrysler Group LLC Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne talks about Jeep, you’re likely to hear two things — that the brand is key to Chrysler’s goal of international expansion, and that he’d sell more Jeeps if he had more to sell.

Under plans outlined to The Blade on Monday, he’ll soon get a few dozen more Wranglers each day.

Dan Henneman, Jeep unit chairman for the Toledo Assembly complex, said starting April 1, Chrysler will begin running the Wrangler assembly line through breaks and add a third shift to the Wrangler paint shop, allowing production of another 60 to 70 vehicles per day.

Right now, the line stops for workers’ 10 and 15-minute breaks, idling the line for 50 minutes per shift. Under the new arrangement, workers still will get the breaks, but the line will be kept moving by adding an extra worker to each team who will rotate through the jobs.

Continue reading: http://www.toledoblade.com/Automotive/2013/02/12/Chrysler-seeks-greater-Wrangler-production.html

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Chrysler 300 Glacier Edition

Check out this photo gallery of the beautiful Chrysler 300 Glacier edition.

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1956 Chrysler Diablo concept car: $1.375M at auction

Check out this 1956 Chrysler Diablo concept which was just auctioned for charity for $1.375 Million!

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